Patience: wait poorly, or wait well.

Raise your hand if you like waiting. No? No one? Really? Who likes to wait? Nobody of course. Still, life seems to be a constant wait. Waiting for a vacation, for a man, for a woman, for tomorrow even. We all have to wait for something. After all, nothing worth having comes easy right? The trick is that you have a choice to make: to wait poorly, or to wait well.Waiting is supposed to build up your character, or your patience (God knows I’ve got big problems at this chapter).Well, if in the entire process, you worry, you frustrate or you sit there pitying yourself, could it be all in vain? Could it be that you’re stopping yourself from learning valuable lessons with your ungratefulness? Since I’ve been struggling with these things myself, I decided to make a guide of how to wait well, and today I chose to share it with you. There are 3 things you must do:

   1.Give up worrying

As humans, our first instinct in a situation like this is to worry, like that is going to cut the waiting short, or like it will help us understand things. Stop it. You’re wasting your time, your energy and your emotions.Stop being negative. Stop assuming that nothing will ever change for you. Don’t become bitter. Bitterness always turns into selfish anger, and selfish anger will stop you from having a happy, fruitful life. I did say in the previous posts that the essence of life consists in helping others, right?

Stop winning, and most importantly, stop being ungrateful. No one is interested in hearing the frustration of your impatience. Instead, invest in yourself and in those around you. Be productive while you wait and enjoy the little things.Call your friends to a game night on a summer evening. Take an old lady out to lunch, hear out her stories and accept the wisdom she has to offer. Volunteer for a noble cause. Anything!But stop letting your worries destroy a vast number of “todays”.


You have an extraordinary weapon at your disposal: prayer. Use it! The definition of praying is not “worrying on my knees”. Let it all into His hands and trust Him. I know, I know, you’ve heard that before. And although it sounds beautiful, it’s not that easy to do.Remember how we used to play the trust game when we were little? We had to climb on a chair or a table, and behind us there were 2 or more people, and we were supposed to fall on our backs with our knees straight, trusting that they will catch us and we won’t fall. That’s what you have to do while waiting. It only takes one second of blind faith. One second to dive into His arms. And I promise, He will take care of it from there. And while you’re waiting for an answer to your prayers, pray for others too. Make a list of people and pray for them constantly. Focus more on others, than on you.

    3.Choose hope and joy

Another thing you must do to wait well, is to hope. Hope should be the native language of someone who is waiting! There is no room for fear. There is no room for disappointment. Choose to have hope, and choose to believe that the result of your waiting will be what you need, even if it won’t be what you wanted.

Do not deprive yourself of joy. Don’t give the devil that satisfaction. Give praise to the Lord. Thank Him for the lessons you learned and for the ones you will learn until the end. Sing as loud as you can, sing for Him full of joy and do not inhibit yourself in frustration.

The choice is yours. You can let all those things in your mind rule you and make you wait poorly. Or, you can choose to enjoy today, and then tomorrow as it will come. You can choose to be joyful. You can accept that the waiting will end when He decides, and until then, you can choose to wait well.

Psalm 27:13-14

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