BBM 6th edition

Remember Gabriela Popescu from previous posts? Well, this golden woman, with a unique talent, has worked hard this year as well, along with Iulia, Cleopatra and Anca on organising a beautiful event. Beauty Bloggers Meeting the 6th edition, and I was invited to be a part of it this year.I was very nervous about it to be honest, not just because I’m “fresh meat” in this industry, but because girls who inspire me and whom I have been watching since forever, were about to be present. I went there open to learning as much as I could from them. But when I saw all these beautiful, empowering, intelligent women there, I got overwhelmed. Because it’s not easy as a woman to be an entrepreneur with success; but them, it’s exactly what most of them are. Living proof of the fact that IT IS POSSIBLE to turn your passion into a job.I’m looking at Gabi for example, who with her huge baby bump, kept working hard for her passion. Now she has an awesome career, and a family that is about to get bigger.Yes, I went there ready to learn, and I learned once again that hard work pays off.There were talks about social media, what it means to create a community and to promote, while each of us took a bite out of the appealing appetizers that were laid on the table.At the end, we were spoiled with a big gift haul, and when I say big, I mean BIG.

Yes. My first official event as a blogger, left me with a really sweet taste in my mouth. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Huge thanks to the organizers for the successful event and for the friendliness with which they have welcomed me in their community.

You have here a few photos taken by none other than my own cousin: Bianca Matei.

I also want to thank the collaborators as well for the goodies!

Multumim Cupio pentru cele mai noi produse de make-up, Zebra Catering pentru platourile delicioase si apetisante, Tesori pentru cele mai parfumate produse de ingrijre, Avon pentru noutatile de machiaj, Himalaya pentru produsele deosebite de ingrijire, B.U pentru produsele seducator parfumate, Le Petit Olivier pentru produsele cu extracte naturale, Aqua Carpatica pentru ca ne-a mentinut hidratate pe parcursul evenimentului, Family CARE pentru produsele potrivite intregii familii, Melkior pentru cadouasele impachetate cu grija, Yves Rocher pentru produsele pe baza de plante, Designs by K pentru cele mai delicate chokere, ELF pentru produsele de machiaj sofisticate, Editura Publica pentru cartile oferite cadou participantelor active la conferinta, Solaris pentru bunatatile naturale, Candy Bar – Good Taste pentru cele mai savuroase prajituri, Bautura-Online pentru prosecco si cadourile fetelor, Bioderma pentru dermatocosmetice eficiente, Casa Vaida pentru uleiurile naturale de ingrijire, A’list Magazine, cea mai cool revista glossy a momentului, The Woman pentru prezenta la conferinta, Life Box pentru box-urile pline de mancare delicioasa, Arome pentru cele mai gustoase limonade, Wash & Go Romania pentru noutatile de ingrijire a parului lansate cu noi, L’Oreal, NYX, Comori marocane, Florissima pentru cele mai creative aranjamente, Kooperativa 2.0 pentru informatiile valoroase pe care Cristian China ni le-a impartasit la eveniment.

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