BBM 7th edition

It’s been about a month since BBM7, and I, with the chaos I’ve lived in, in the last 6 months of my life, just now managed to come back on the blog and tell you about this extraordinary event organised by women, for women.

I will tell you about the difficulties encountered in my life in another article, because in this one, I want to tell you how this year’s BBM meeting was gasp of fresh air for me, and a slap to the reality that I am not the only blogger who is confronting with keeping her passion and constant content, even if I do not have an income out of it and I have 1-2 jobs beside blogging.

In a century of hundreds of talented content creators who inspire us with their road to success, society still settles with working for five days straight, just to live 2 (days). It’s such a sad reality, and I think if we had more courage to believe not only in us, but also in the content we are exposing, we would get much faster where we wanted to.

Why do I tell you all this? Because to be back, surrounded by my favourite bloggers, sharing the same passion and seeing that this struggle is common, even between the most independent and hard working women; brought me out of my writer’s block. It encouraged and inspired me to continue to offer what I think I have to offer in a unique way, on the “market”.

I’m telling you, there is nothing more beautiful than a community of women who support, encourage and learn from each other.

I’m more than grateful to be a part of BBM. I also heard opinions like “a bunch of women who meet, fake smile for pictures and get free stuff.”

But I can testify about the impact that such an event can have on the participants, and about what an authentic community Gabi, Cleopatra, Anca and Julia built.

Because blogging is not about putting ourselves in front of the camera for attention, nor about growing our ego with appreciation. It’s about sharing things we learned on our own skin, helping you guys with small tips and secrets, creating something that can resonate with a large mass of people, and forming a united community out of people you would not have met otherwise.

No, blogging is not easy. But I’ll be damned if I won’t take advantage of the things I learn from these girls after every BBM meeting.

So take a look at this year’s photos and all the fun that has taken place.

Photos by: Rejoice Photography by Bianca Matei

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